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The easiest way to learn Korean. Your favorite K-Star becomes your Korean teacher. Master Korean language with HEYSTARS right now.

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Core features of heystars


Heystars puts the content of your favorite artists first.


Easy & Fun

Heystars makes you a master of Korean language through a step-by-step training system.


The fastest service

You can quickly learn Korean through the latest content from your favorite artists.



Only the contents that
My favorite K-Stars

You can only enjoy the contents of your favorite K-Stars through heystars. You can also selectively enjoy where your favorite K-Stars come from in contents such as songs, music videos, entertainment contents, interviews, and dramas. While enjoying these contents, you will be able to quickly and easily understand the Korean words in the words they say, in the songs they sing.

Various functions for
Learn Korean Language

Heystars is a global edutainment application based on K-Contents. Because of this, systematic education system of Heystars will make you a master of Korean language quickly. Heystars offers all the features that make it easy for you to learn Korean, including vocabulary, reading, and a competition system.


The fastest content to enjoy in
your native language

K-fans exist in various countries around the world. They communicate in different languages. Fans around the world love Korean stars and enjoy watching contents they upload in real time, but it takes a long time to understand what K-stars are saying. Heystars solves this problem. The content uploaded by K-Stars is quickly translated into language you use. You get to just enjoy the contents.

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